Fraser swaps politics for Neenish Tarts, Chocolate Eclairs and Scones

By July 30, 2010 March 20th, 2014 Local News

As part of the NSW Business Chamber’s annual Pollies for Small Business the Member for Coffs Harbour, Andrew Fraser, yesterday joined the staff of Cutty’s Cakes in making neenish tarts, chocolate éclairs and scones for hungry patrons.

“It was a very interesting morning, and I thoroughly enjoyed being a pastry chef for the day, although very much the apprentice.

“Although I am an early riser, I have a new found appreciation for the hours worked by our local bakers and pastry chefs,” Mr Fraser said.

“I arrived at Cutty’s Cakes around 6 am (slightly late to my appointed time) only to be told that Peter and Shane had been on deck since 11 pm last night, so already the bread had been baked and most of the pies, sausage rolls and cakes were coming out of the oven.

“My job was to add the cream and icing to the cakes and slices, and cut out dozens of scones.  I apologise for the amateurish presentation, but I can assure you they still tasted delicious,” Mr Fraser said.

“I’m sure the vanilla slices and custard tarts have added to my waistline,” Mr Fraser added.

“Cutty’s tell me they had a constant stream of customers from 11.30 pm the night before until early morning when I arrived which goes to show that kebabs are not the only sustenance that our youth seek after a night on the town.

“The second stream of customers arrive around 7 am to get their morning teas and breakfast.

“My sincere thanks to Cutty’s Cakes for allowing me to join them in their business this morning, especially to Colin, Kayleen and Peter, Shane, Amber, Catherine and Rebecca” Mr Fraser concluded.

Pollies for Small Business at Cutty's Cakes