Andrew’s Week in Parliament 25th- 29th October 2010

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27 October 2010 – Health Services Amendment (Local Health Networks) Bill 2010

29 October 2010 – Coffs Harbour Elective Surgery


Local Sporting and Recreation groups looking for funding might be interested in looking at the Sport and Recreation Facility Grant Program which is administered by NSW Sport and Recreation. This program provides grants for services to increase the availability, standard and quality of sport and recreation facilities in NSW. Community based, not-for-profit organisatons that are incorporated in NSW can apply for these grants of up to $200,000 at the following website:
Another great website is the GrantsLINK website which has information about state and local government funding programs that can help you:
  ·   develop solutions to local and national problems
  ·   fund ideas and initiatives
  ·   get assistance in times of hardship

Changes to the NSW Solar Bonus Scheme

The State Government has announced closure of the scheme to new applicants at the 60 cents per kW rate. As the take-up rate was so fast it has caused big impacts on electricity prices. (Extra levy to pay for the scheme will come into effect 1 July 2011).

Many people who already have solar panels or an approval to install solar panels are confused by the Government’s announcement and fear that their payments of 60 cents are about to be slashed to 20 cents. This is not the case.
All those applications accepted so far will be honoured at the 60 cents/kW rate. This will not alter  in the future for those people already in the scheme.

It is future applicants not yet in the scheme who will be paid 20 cents per kW.
I attach details given to me by the NSW Government which also have a transitional arrangement for people who have paid for panels but have not yet had their application approved.  Transitional arrangements for new customers are as follows:

·    If you have purchased or leased a system by the 27 October 2010 you – your installer – have until 18 November 2010 to apply to connect to the grid to be eligible for the previous 60 cent gross tariff.
·    If you have paid a non-refundable deposit to purchase or lease a system by 27 October 2010 you – or your installer – have until 18 November 2010 to apply to connect to the grid to be eligible for the previous      60 cent gross tariff.
·    The closing date of 18 November 2010 is fixed – no extensions and no exceptions will be granted.
·    Late applications to connect to the grid will be assessed under the new tariff of 20 cents.
·    If you have paid a fully refundable deposit, you should carefully consider your proposed purchase as you will be assessed under the new tariff of 20 cents.

For a copy of the Review Report or for more information about the changes to the Solar Bonus Scheme visit
Whats on

    ·    Men of League Race Day, Friday 19 November 2010 11am – 6pm, Coffs Harbour Racing Club, celebrate  International Men’s Health day and support the Men of League foundation
    ·    Hot Current Fishing Classic, Friday 12th to Tuesday 16th November, for more info go to
    ·    Open Arms Festival, Saturday 20th November 2010, Coffs Harbour Showground, for more info go to

Can you pick the con man?

They all could be. You can’t tell if someone is dodgy just by the way they look. Be wary of people who turn up at your door unexpectedly with ‘special’ deals on equipment or work around your property.

Jobs such as painting, roof repairs and sealing driveways are common tasks they offer at a cheap rate.  Travelling con men move from place-to-place, often in well organised groups and put pressure on residents to have work done on their house. They ask for cash up front and often take the money and run, leaving the job unfinished or poorly done.
You can’t tell if they are dodgy just by the way they look. Be suspicious of people who:

    ·      offer cheap deals ‘for today only’
    ·      ask for cash up front
    ·      offer to drive you to the bank to get money for payment
    ·      make you feel pressured to accept their offer
    ·      disappear and leave the job unfinished or of poor standard

 This is what you should do:

   ·      Don’t open the door if you are unsure who the caller is
   ·      Say no
   ·      Record as much information as you can, such as their name and vehicle registration
   ·      Report them to NSW Fair Trading by calling 13 32 20
   ·      Warn your friends, family and neighbours.
   ·      Don’t be tempted by unexpected cheap deals – they may be much more expensive in the long run.
If you decide you need to get work done on your house, you should:
   ·      shop around for the quote that is right for you
   ·      only use licensed tradespeople who provide wirtten quotes
   ·      don’t sign any agreement until you are ready
   ·      ask for contact details or previous clients for references.
   ·      Report a scam to