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Member for Coffs Harbour, Andrew Fraser, has welcomed the NSW Government’s announcement that the election commitment to encourage the re-homing of cats and dogs from council pounds and shelters has been delivered.

From this week, any de-sexed cat or dog purchased from a council pound or an eligible shelter will be entitled to a 50 per cent discount on the lifetime registration fee.

Currently close to 30,000 cats and dogs that arrive at pounds in NSW are euthanized every year.

Mr Fraser said the Government was determined to promote adoption.

“Pets make great companions and we need to be doing everything we can to send the message to the community that a new pet is a lifetime responsibility,” Mr Fraser added.

“The advantages of having a pet are well known and the Government is committed to encouraging responsible pet ownership by reducing the fees for abandoned animals in need of a home.

RSPCA NSW CEO Steve Coleman is hoping the move will see a rise in adoption rates.

“Halving the cost of registrations for adopted animals will see a number of benefits. For one, it increases adoption incentives, which is always great news for animals in our shelters. Secondly, it makes reuniting lost animals with their families that much easier and it also promotes responsible pet ownership,” Mr Coleman said

Mr Fraser said the Government funded discount is permanent and will encourage people to adopt cats or dogs from an eligible pound or shelter with the aim it will lead to a reduction in the rate of euthanasia of homeless animals.

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30 October 2015


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